EBS Latinoamérica

Company Profile: EBS is a Polish technology company that since 1989 operates mainly in the security sector. The capital of the group consists of four specialized companies. EBS executes the projects from the technical phase to the production phase. The innovative nature of the technologies used during the process, as well as the highly qualified technical staff, guarantee the highest quality in solutions and products.

The objective of EBS is to satisfy the needs of the market in terms of electronic and electrotechnical devices; used for security purposes and to protect people and property. They produce OEM / ODM systems adapting them to meet customer requirements. The continuous expansion of the product range includes data transmitters, protection for installations, protection for people, control of working time, M2M communication and security systems for vehicles. They specialize in GSM / GPRS, GPS, IP and RFID technologies.

The complete automation of the production lines, provides a high efficiency allowing to offer very attractive prices. Successful cooperation with numerous partners around the world testifies to the quality and competitiveness of EBS products.

Its portfolio is marketed in different markets around the world. The high quality and competitiveness of the products is confirmed by the fruitful cooperation with many partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. They have established relationships with the most important security companies and distributors of international brands such as DSC, GE or Paradox, GSM network providers (Organge, T-mobile, Polkomtel). The client portfolio is made up of important companies from more than 60 countries.

Current and potential EBS customers can confirm a professional service by employees. Your Commercial, Customer Service Department and Technical Support Department are available during all stages of the process before and after sales.