Membership Categories

Charter Members – These are the early adopters who are willing to show a commitment to the project by paying a Contract subscription for five years. This will qualify the Charter member to all Corporate (Affiliate) Member benefits PLUS special benefits such as inclusion in a special web section, priority speaking and generally being at the hub of the Community. (not UK/EU)

Corporate (Affiliate Members) – These members gain unique access to a focused and eager audience. Through active involvement in the events, educational material provision and communications membership provides excellent opportunity to access prospective customers and partners alike.

Individual (Subscriber) Members - These Members will gain access to ALL educational material, case studies, white papers, news and comment. They will also be able to access the bulletin boards and be on the circulation list for the eNewsletters, Technical Bulletins and IPfocus®/eZine. – In some cases additional fees will be levied to gain delegate status to seminars and conferences.

Membership table