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Welcome to a community of 50,000+ Security and IT Professionals Worldwide!

Globe 1The IP UserGroup is an International Security and Safety technology forum with hubs servicing the UK & Europe, USA & Canada and Latin America.

Our role is to Facilitate, Communicate, Educate and Influence, presenting the very latest in network centric security and safety technology to an eager International Audience.

A community focused on IP Knowledge & Expertise

The IP UserGroup the only forum dedicated to networked physical security, life safety and building management solutions - the premier community for in-depth, objective IP knowledge, innovative IP solutions, and a showcase for IP technology and networked applications.

Our role is to Facilitate, Communicate, Educate and Influence, presenting the very latest in network centric security and safety technology to an eager International Audience.

Become an active member of the world’s fastest growing IP focused Security Technology forum and join the organisation that represents the most advanced Manufacturers, Developers and Integrators within Physical and Cyber Security, Safety and Associated Industries.

With a quality audience of over 50,000+ registered members PLUS some 2,000,000 associated contacts worldwide the IP UserGroup is the place to be if you are involved with IP related products and services across this broad application area.

  • Laptop with home page24-7 IP UserGroup UK/EU, USA and Latin American Website Portals
  • IP-in-Action LIVE - International Roadshow Events
  • IP UserGroup TV Academy -  Videos, Presentations and Webinars
  • IPfocus - Membership Journal and eZine
  • IP Connections - eNewsletters and Technical Bulletins
  • Various Social Media Channels - LinkedIn, Instagram Twitter & Facebook
  • Corporate, Academic & Individual Memberships Available

Ipuginteventtopper2 International EXPO and Conference Events

Img 20180914 102410xIP-in-Action LIVE is a series of focused educational and promotional events presenting Networked Security and Building Management Technology to a focused audience. With the aim to increase understanding and acceptance of IP Networked Technology across a wide range of applications.

  • Full Programme of Educational Presentations from Industry Experts in the Seminar Theatre
  • Excellent selection of the very latest IP security products on display in the Exhibition Area including
  • Demonstrations and Workshops
  • Round Table Panel Discussions
  • Get-together with like minded Professionals and enjoy the great opportunity to Network -
  • Free Entry - Refreshments and a Buffet Lunch

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  • IP-in-Action LIVE Manchester UK

    On 11/10/2023 from 09:00 at 16:30

    • Holiday Inn Leigh Sports Village - Leigh
    • Delegates FREE - Exhibitors from £600
    • Duration : Full Day (Networking Dinner Wednesday Night)

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Laptop with home pageThe best information and news portal for all things IP in Security.

The websites provides visitors with a vast library of educational material, from Case Studies and Technical Papers to New Product Information and the latest News.

Share your success stories and identify your expertise and knowledge in the categorised News, Case Study and Technical Papers sections.

Promote your products and services on the homepages as well as on your own companies Directory pages.

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IpuginttvtopperSecurity Technology Online Academy


IpugtvIP UserGroup TV, the only educational channel and academy dedicated to cyber and physical security technology and its application in many environments.

IP UserGroup TV will continue to build a library of training videos and infomercials, white papers and webinarss provided by our corporate members.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn more from the world's market leading manufacturers and service providers. The Academy has been divided into specific topics to help you work your way through the content in a structured way and divided into a small program to help you learn at your own pace.

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IP UserGroup Social Media Social Media & eMail Marketing has become an exciting new aspect of many marketing strategies around the world.

When it comes to reach, influence, and versatility, eMarketing is an increasingly important vehicle for businesses to leverage as a means of achieving competitive advantage. Whether it's LinkedIn for its recruiting and B-to-B capabilities, Twitter for its real-time exchanges, Facebook for general exposure, Pinterest for its power to inspire, or email for raising awareness, each channel has different strengths and possibilities for companies. seeking to forge stronger bonds with their clients.

The IP UserGroup, with its remit to educate and inform, employs many of these communications channels to share News, Success Stories, Product Launches and other topical material, reaching out to an extended audience across the globe.

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