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Abacus, People Counting Made Easy - monitoring footfall & traffic

Abacus logo2 tm 1Visual Management Systems Limited 
15 Cambuslang Road, Cambuslang Investment Park, 
Glasgow G32 8NB 
United Kingdom 

Phone: +44 141 643 3070

Affiliate Member UK Installation Software

Company Profile

Founded in 1996 and based in Glasgow, Visual Management Systems Ltd. provide solutions and services to customers in the UK and overseas, both directly and through OEM partnerships with other technology companies. 

Our pristine business analytical system Abacus offers substantial business benefits across a range of sectors year after year. Abacus delivers high quality reporting and analytical services time after time, allowing for greater marketing skills, opportunities, strategies and techniques. With its’ ease of installation, operation, usability and future proofing Abacus is the right choice for your business.

Benefits include significant cost savings, future proofing, reliability and ease of use. Applications available range from people counting to process control and infrastructure security. Abacus is the leading frontier in people counting systems, analysing large amounts of data through smart counting devices, then depicting said information in an array of different formats from graphs to charts to automated reports or pie charts.

Alongside Abacus, the Visual Management Systems Ltd. portfolio includes our bespoke TITAN VISION PSIM solutions developed to help our customers and partners to integrate and manage the worlds’ largest and most complex security systems in airports, military bases, museums, city centres, national borders, retail malls, oil and gas assets and critical national infrastructure.