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OnSSI - On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc.

OnssiOn-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc.
One Blue Hill Plaza, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 1555
Pearl River, NY 10965

P: 845-732-7900

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Company Profile

OnSSI is creating a new era in video surveillance in which intuitive software is an active partner in the security process. Ocularis, our flagship IP video security and surveillance software platform, delivers open architecture, scalability and automation of the security process to thousands of installations globally at reduced operating costs.

This is driven by the modern world’s need for proactive, results oriented security solutions that can help to prevent incidents, instead of merely record them. Intuitive, automated features of the software combine multiple alarms into meaningful alerts, which results in better security and less need for operators watching screens, and this in turn lowers operating costs. Built around user needs, the OnSSI system offers elegant simplicity and is easy to use. In addition, a full, instant view of security processes and relevant events increases productivity across enterprises. OnSSI points the way to the future, with software designed to meet increasingly complex global security demands that go beyond traditional, hands on surveillance models.

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