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Vicon Releases the Latest Version of Valerus VMS

On 08/04/2021

VICON announced the availability of Valerus version 20.2, which brings improved cybersecurity and streamlined maintenance to the forefront.

This latest release offers features including mobile video streaming, geo mapping, snapshot, robust health dashboard, audit log, and a thick client solution.

Valerus’ addition of mobile video streaming allows users to send live or recorded footage directly from their Android or iOS smart devices into Valerus. This helps operators better document patrols or events outside the range of traditional cameras.

The geo mapping feature allows operators to strategically monitor geographical locations with a live geo map. Users simply enter a physical address or coordinates to access the true location, add cameras and create an easy-to-understand live map of their facility.

Another exciting update we further developed is our robust health dashboard. This update not only provides an improved user experience, but also new business-critical features to help operators diagnose potential problems before they become catastrophic. New features include remote RAM and CPU resource monitors for both App Servers and NVR, an NVR latency monitor to troubleshoot potential network issues and a new cybersecurity dashboard that monitors potential threats like duplicate logins to better protect the system.

Another new feature is the snapshot tool that allows users to quickly save and store images from live or recorded playback video. This is especially helpful when trying to document suspects or incidents.

Valerus 20.2 also now offers a Thick-Client solution for operators that prefer not to use browsers or require a program startup with preconfigured settings or screens. This is a key feature for instances when operator control is limited. Presets allow for easy restoring all previously programmed settings, saving time and allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Lastly, the improved new audit log allows designated users to monitor activities within the system so administrators can keep track of who logs in and out of the system, what they view and what actions they have taken. If a failure or critical setting is changed, not only can you reverse the action but also see who made it.

To take advantage of this new release introduction, Vicon has launched a promotional campaign that allows you to experience this version firsthand. Replace your old competing VMS for Valerus and receive a free Valerus Enterprise license. And if you don’t already have a VMS, we’re giving out free Valerus starter software, so you can experience what everyone loves about Valerus.

“Vicon’s Valerus VMS platform has proven to be widely embraced in enterprise applications, and we anticipate that the features we are introducing with Valerus version 20.2 will do much to further that trend,” said Bret McGowan, Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing.

To learn more about Valerus Version 20.2 click here. Also learn more about our promotional offers here. The website also provides links for prospective customers to download a free trial version of the software and for existing Valerus users to download a free upgrade to version 20.2