Who attends IP-in-Action?

Who Attends IP-in-action LIVE Events

IP-in-Action LIVE events are all about "Education & Promotion of Security Technology" and each contains a full seminar programme of educational presentations along with an excellent opportunity to see the very latest IP based security and safety products and services provided by some of the most progressive companies in the industry within the Exhibition Area.

Aimed at people at all levels of competence and knowledge the events are particularly worthwhile for Installers, Consultants and End-User Customers who wish to find out more about networked security, its possibilities and application opportunities, so come along and join us - it's all FREE !

Exhibitors, Delegates, Speakers and Guests attend IP-in-Action LIVE events from various disciplines and market sectors. In recent analysys of the attendees of the UK events the following breakdown of attendees was observed.

Question: How would you best describe your area of business?

 Delegates areas of Interest