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A brief look at the subject matter planned for the forthcoming editions of IP Focus Magazine and eZine. These are not cast in stone, if you have a feature that you would like to share with our readers please forward them to the Editor for consideration. CALL +44 (0) 870 7870 546

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Regular Features

  • News & Views Latest news and views from across the industry
  • IP UserGroup looks East A look at the opportunities in India
  • Become Part of the Forum Learn more about the fastest growing Security Technology forum in the World
  • Welcome! IP UserGroup - Latest Global Affiliate Members
  • IP UserGroup Event UK - Every Business is a People Business
  • Technical Briefing Third in a series from Comtrol that explains the network
  • Ultimas Noticias (Latin America) El Centro para el Aprendizaje y Conocimiento de la Seguridad Física en Red
  • IP UserGroup USA News in Brief 
  • IP UserGroup Directory Full listing og the Affiliate (corporate) Members from UK/Europe, Latin America and USA.

Features in Brief

Winter 2017

Booking Deadline Janl 10th – Copy Deadline Feb 10th

  • ISC WEST Special
  • IP Migration Planning.
  • Cameras Back to Basics.
  • Forecasting 2017
  • IR Imaging & Lighting.
  • VMS - where next?
  • Smart Card overview.
  • 21st Century Monitoring.
  • Selecting a Comms or ISP partner
  • IP-in-Action: Transportation – Ports & Airports
  • IP Video for marketing and retail purposes.
  • Round-Up: Access Management Systems
  • On the Record - Available
  • Technology for Technology’s sake.
  • Finding IP Savvy Installers.

Spring 2017

Booking Deadline April 25th – Copy Deadline May 25th

  • IFSEC Special
  • Logical and Physical security Issues.
  • Thermal as an option.
  • Biomectric ID.
  • MissionCritical Access
  • Network MasterClass from the ground up...
  • IP-in-Action: Retail & Logistics
  • Non Security Video
  • Apps. PSIM v VMS.
  • Round-Up: Megapixel & HD Cameras and Domes
  • On the Record - Available
  • Building sound client relationships.
  • Operator awareness - keeping alert.
  • Building on a low margin business.
  • To old to learn!

Summer 2017

Booking Deadline August 2nd – Copy Deadline August 11th

  • Security in the Cloud
  • IP Audio & Video
  • CCTV as a Business tool.
  • Adding Value with Analytics.
  • Time & Attendance in the Cloud.
  • RFiD/ NFD
  • IP for Dummies
  • Integration benefits.
  • IP-in-Action: Utilities & Critical Infrastructure
  • SaaS in the Domestic arena
  • Round-Up: Storage solutions
  • On the Record - Available
  • Getting Staff to support Networking.
  • Talking “IP” without a translator.
  • Partner for profit.
  • Establishing true needs.

Autumn 2017

Booking Deadline October 19th – Copy Deadline October 26th

  • IP Adoption Issues.
  • ROI with IP Video.
  • Virtualised Storage.
  • Smart phones as an Access Option.
  • Integration Issues.
  • IT v Security Training.
  • Green IT issues.
  • IP-in-Action: Education and Health
  • Enterprisesolutions.
  • IP for Messaging.
  • Round-Up: Transmission Systems
  • On the Record - Available
  • Hand held devices.
  • Security a hot topic.
  • Card Cloning - what’s the answer?
  • Doing Business Abroad.
  • Looking to Recruit - How and When?